USHUB partnerships

Featuring USHUB’s first partnership, the Zakat Foundation. USHUB TV and the Zakat Foundation are collaborating with Preacher Moss. Read more

Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Yaqeen Institute’s catalog of inspirational, informative, and well-produced religious/educational content, USHUB curates that work with complementing narrative/documentary pieces for a multidimensional viewing experience for Muslim audiences.

Noor Kids

Noor Kids is leading a renaissance in the Islamic upbringing of children. One where faith is cultivated through friendship with our Creator, and not just fear. Where Islam resides in good character, and not just God-inspired memorization. Where children are inspired to believe, and not just forced to obey.


While there are many guided meditation and mental health apps in the market such as Calm and Headspace, the need for an Islamic one is more important now than ever before.